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Traffic Control Plan Design and Engineering for Greater Portland.

Attention to detail is a key component of planning and designing any traffic control operation. Leverage our experience and expertise to help plan your upcoming event or project to ensure road safety is kept top of mind. Whether it be for a local block party, single-lane closure, or a larger and longer-term construction project, we have the teams, equipment, and know-how to help you get it done.

Common Questions About Traffic Control Plans, Design & Engineering

  • Why do I need a traffic control plan?

    All road work is required to have a plan detailing the flow of traffic within and around work zones to protect workers, motorists, and the public.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    We accept orders on a first come first serve basis and usually can create plans in 1-2 business days.

  • I’ve got my traffic control plan. Now what?

    Your traffic control plan must be approved by the governing jurisdiction’s traffic engineering office where the traffic control will take place. Once the plan is approved, proper permits are required before you can start work.

Our Customers

Hear from past customers on their experience in working with our traffic management teams.

Dede H

This company and this lady really cares about you and your goals and aspirations. She is your best cheerleader and has the knowledge and to help you make your dreams come true.

Veille Arthur

Sheila Is Amazing at what she does and her rates are very fair for service in such high demand right now. She is very professional and goes above and beyond.

Chris C

Sheila and the team at Rose City Flagging are fantastic. We talked about our project process in depth and it was clear they knew everything about making an effective plan. Sheila was also a LOT of fun as well, which made everything just that much nicer!

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